Cacao Creature is a game made for the LÖVE 2021 game jam, and is of course made with LÖVE. This was my first ever jam and I'm glad to have submitted anything, eventhough my game is far from polished/ready.


Your mom took all your chocolate away, because you eat too much chocolate. She said she was going to take them to the basement, but in the basement lies a grueling monster. It's time to retrieve our chocolate.

How to play

- Use the arrow keys to move around

- 'R' to restart a level if you're stuck

- 'escape' if you want to exit the game

- navigate through the menu's with the mouse

- collect all the chocolates


Game: by Dispir

Art: By Dispir

SFX and Music: by Dispir using https://www.beepbox.co and https://sfxr.me

Font: Boxy-Bold by Clint Bellanger

Install instructions

To run the .love file, you should first have the latest version of löve2d installed, version 11.3 (https://love2d.org). When downloaded, doubleclick on the .love file to start playing.


Cacao_Creature.love 3 MB

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